Database-served Web Pages

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On the demo page that is served from a database table, there are 29 paragraphs, made up of 43 sentences. You can modify any of the sentences to:

  • make them accessible to only certain levels of users (from level 2 to level 5, where level 5 is the most restrictive), and

  • cause them to display in color (the color depends on what access level is applied to the material).

There are several pages that you cycle through to modify the content of the database-served web page. The following is a diagram that shows the flow through the pages:

The first step is to enter a user name. This user name is used to create a copy of the master database table for the database-served web page. This allows you to modify your own copy of the page, without affecting the page for any others who might be playing with this demo at the same time as you are.

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