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If you don't want to code your own Java code to collect information from a form, you can use this wizard to create your code for you. To use this query builder, you must know:

  • the code that you need to use to connect to your database (you can find that out after using this builder to generate your query)

  • the name of the table into which you will be inserting records

  • the order in which the columns appear in your database table

  • the names of the form elements

  • the type of form elements they are (text box, checkbox, list box, or radio buttons)

  • the page you want to forward users to after they submit the form

This builder creates a query that will:

  • store Boolean (check box) values as character values, and that the character 'Y' will indicate true (checked), and 'N' will indicate false (unchecked).

  • store text box values, radio list values, and list box values as strings. It is up to you to make sure that your values do not exceed the length of string that the column can accommodate. That is, if a column is defined as a 30-character string, you cannot specify a value for a list box item with 35 characters.

Click any of the question mark icons () for more information about the values you can enter.

View sample created with this form processor builder

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