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This Tag Builder builds a tag library element for you. This element will enable you to conditionally include and exclude content from your web-based documentation.

Prerequisite: You must have installed and configured the Java SDK.

The first step is to determine the name of the tag library element. Choose a term that encompasses the conditions you will be checking for. For example, if you will be conditionalizing based on the type of worker using the documentation (administrator, manager, worker, and so on), then you might name the tag library element WorkerType. Or, if you are conditionalizing based on the hospital department that the user works in (Radiology, Cardiology, Neonatal ICU, and so on), you might name it Department.

Choose the shortest version of the term that you can, as you will enter it each time you use the tag. For example, if you were creating a Department tag, you would enter the following text to include content only for Radiology and Oncology. The text in bold is what you are entering in the field below.

<%@ taglib uri="/web-inf/tlds/myTLD.tld" prefix="conditional" %>
  <conditional:dept name="radiology,oncology"><p>This is content you only want displayed if the user
  is in the Radiology or Oncology department.</p></conditional:dept>

Do not use spaces or other special characters (underscores are okay).

Name of tag library element:

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