Verifying your CLASSPATH setting

Any time something does not work and you are certain it isn't due to the code in your JSP page, check the CLASSPATH for your machine. It's the source of most problems in JSP development, in my experience.

For the Tomcat web server to successfully make a connection to an ODBC-compliant database, it must be able to access the Java classes that provide the JDBC-ODBC bridge. These classes are contained in the directory:

<Java SDK installation directory>\jre\bin

For Tomcat to be able to access the classes, this directory must be included in your CLASSPATH setting.

In Windows 95/98/ME, your CLASSPATH setting is made in the autoexec.bat file:

  1. Open your autoexec.bat file, and find the entry that starts with SET CLASSPATH=.

  2. Make sure that it includes the directory <Java SDK installation directory>\jre\bin.

  3. Save and close your autoexec.bat file.

  4. Reboot your machine.

If you are not running Windows 95/98/ME, please indicate what operating system you are using, and provide your email address, and I will try to find out where the CLASSPATH settings are stored in your particular operating system.

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Page last modified 06/14/2002