WinWriters Web Help JumpStart Conference

Welcome, conference attendee! Thank you for taking the time to follow up on my sub-presentation by checking out this site. This tutorial takes you through the steps to set up an HTML document set that will be served from a database, instead of from physical HTML files.

There are actually two ways you can go through this tutorial. If you want to get to the end result faster, you can choose to go through the Fast Track version of the tutorial. If you would prefer to do more of the work of setting up the project, so that you can learn more about what is going on, you can go through the Standard version of the tutorial. Or, you can enjoy the best of both worlds, and start with the Fast Track version, and when you’re done with that, go through the Standard version.


This tutorial assumes that your machine is based on Windows 95 or later. While you should be able to achieve the same results on a Mac, Unix, or Linux machine, this tutorial does have some Windows-specific instructions, especially concerning setting up the database and a datasource for the database.

Standard Tutorial | Fast Track Tutorial